Takeaways from the Story of Patricia Bragg

Our episode on Patricia Bragg would never have happened if there first hadn’t been a product, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, introduced over a hundred years ago and now a health food staple. But, here’s the thing: It was never just about the product. It was more of a mission to evangelize that healthy habits would lead to a better quality of life. That’s why these Bragg takeaways, which were a joy to collate, resonate as much with the human spirit as with the building blocks of a business.


Welcome the Competition

Since the goal was to increase the number of people who took health seriously by eating healthy, the Braggs made it a point in every town they visited with their “your health is your wealth” message to ask who wants to be the first health food store to open here.   In fact, in their evangelizing travels, they were in contact with the people that later became the massive health food company GNC.


Educate the Customer

Especially when it’s a new product or concept, the market does not know it needs it until it’s been properly informed.  For the Braggs, it was a time when pesticides were first starting to be used on crops and water was being fluoridated, things that the consuming public had never been exposed to before, and their mission was to teach people the difference and why they should eat organic.  Without first providing the background information, the health food movement wouldn’t have taken off as it did.


Believe in Your Mission

Straight from Patricia Bragg: “This is when you’re inspired: When you no longer see your weaknesses but your strengths, then you discover the power and ability to do things you never dreamed of doing before.”


Carry It Forward

A do-well-by-doing-good statistic is that 87% of US consumers will buy from a company because it advocates for an issue they care about.  The Braggs continue their commitment to healthy living through the work of the Foundation to take care of the earth, its people and its animals.  The quality of our environment matters.


Bonus: Patricia Bragg leaves each of us, any woman who wants to affect change in the world, with her personal mantra:

“I live it, I breathe it, I do it.”

Now, say it out loud.  And, repeat.