The Comfort of Toni Morrison’s Wisdom

Books That Inspire is a library of recommended reading by and from Confab guests

Title: The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations

Author: Toni Morrison

Recommended by: Mary Pilon, author of The Monopolists and Episode 6 guest

Who It’s Good For: Anyone who wants to be reminded of what really matters (“I believe it is silly, not to say irresponsible, to concern myself with lipstick…when there is a plague in the land.”)

What It Teaches: A collection of speeches and essays tackling social issues with honesty and heart (Racism and sexism, she argues, comes from “a deplorable inability to project, to become the ‘other,’ to imagine her or him.”


Buy it from and support Brooklyn’s intersectional feminist bookstore Cafe Con Libros. Or, find it at a store near you on Oprah Magazine’s illustrated list of 125 black-owned bookstores across the country.